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Pricelist & Delivery
All our services
All our services

340 CZK per bike

590 CZK per electric bike

Transport 15 CZK/km minimal 280CZK , delivery of up to 80 bicycles



We will provide Segways, boats (kayaks, canoes, rafts), paintball or airsoft equipment, we have experience with thematic teambuilding. We will arrange a visit to wineries, sightseeing trips, picnics, restaurant and accommodation bookings throughout the South Moravia and border areas.

Experienced guides and trainers, route planning and top-quality equipment can be arranged as well.

 Price List for group cycling trips in Moravia

 Price per day, unless specified otherwise (in CZK)

 Bike / electric bicycle  340 CZK / 590 CZK
 Special weekend (Fri-Mon) rental, 4 days - bike / electric bicycle  990 CZK / 1590 CZK
 Children's bike                        290 CZK
 Helmet + bike flashing light   free of charge
 Bike lock    free of charge
 Service package (soul, pump, wrench, screw. suite)  free of charge
 Bike transport  15 CZK / km
 Providing a personal service and units / day 1500 CZK
 Service trip (repairs or picking up the cyclists and bicycles)  12 CZK / km
 Cycling guide   1500-3000 CZK 
 Service (only in case of not using the personal service)  
 Service trip  15 CZK / km
 Elapsed time / waiting  100 CZK / hour
 Tube replacement  100 CZK / tube + 100 CZK / work
 Derailleur adjustment / front derailleur  150 CZK / 100 CZK
 Brake adjustment front / rear    60 CZK / 60 CZK

 For bookings and reservations, please call +420 776 767 775